My name is Kate, and I am a founder of Member Signal.

Member Signal is a Canadian company based in Toronto. Our purpose is to provide cloud-based communication tools to non-profit organizations in the US and Canada.

The company was occasionally started at the beginning of 2020. One of my friends, a big fan of Wild Apricot, tried to send an important message to members of her club. Even though the email was created in a few minutes, delivery took another 2 hours. And even then, only a small part of recipients opened an email. Then we spent several hours searching for over 300 non-openers and manually texting them.

Soon we decided to make the robots work for us. A week or so, we discussed an idea, draw prototypes, and finally came with a simple yet effective solution for sending text messages. I hope it will save you some time and will make your life a bit easier.

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the form below. However, if you are an existing customer, then it's better to sign in and send a support request. It will make our work easier, and you will get a response faster.
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