Text messaging for
Wild Apricot
SMS marketing and notifications built for membership organizations.
Improve open rates
The average email open rate is less than 25%. That means each 3 of 4 recipients will not read your message.

MemberSignal automatically detects email campaigns with low open rates and suggests follow-up SMS campaigns.
Instant Delivery
Emails are slow: first, you wait while the campaign is in a delivery queue, then you hope recipients will open an email today or this week. Sometimes you simply can't wait.

Text messages are unbeatable when you need to reach your audience in minutes.
Simple integration
Connect to your Wild Apricot account
and reuse your saved searches, membership levels, and event registrants lists.
You do not waste your time on manual data transfer.
We know problems, we have solutions
All organizations are different, but problems are usually the same. Here are some cases we keep in mind while building the service.
Nobody even opened a newsletter
Our system will find mass emails with low open rates and suggest to send an SMS with a link to the web version of the email.
A last-minute change in the event, too late to email
You can choose attendees of the specific event and text them an update even from your smartphone.
Members forget to renew because the email was lost in SPAM
Schedule an SMS campaign to members who match saved search and they will be notified by text message.
An email was queued for delivery, but I need to notify people RIGHT NOW
We keep separate phone number for each client, so you do not wait for your turn to speak.
Create an account now to be ready when you need it.
Still not sure?
Try it yourself and figure out if it works for you!
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